Insurance On Demand

Shephard Ashmore Insurance makes insurance on demand possible. Our sites are unique in that our EventPolicy and GearPolicy websites are powered by the world’s first web application (that we know of) to allow users to self bind an insurance policy.  Below you will find the products that we have developed to date.

Camera Equipment Rental Insurance

Annual Policies
Camera Owners


Annual Policies
DJ Business


City, University & Venue
Liability Insurance

Home Staging
Rental Insurance


Music Recording & Post
Production Studios



Music Artists
Annual Policies


Audio Visual Engineers and Producers
Annual Policies

The future of insurance on demand

This insurance on demand program has been designed to meet the needs of individuals, companies, organizations, venue owners and promoters that require automated insurance solutions. Our systems can be customized to meet the needs of any broker that sells program business (signing authority to bind is required). We want to help make it easy and affordable to insure your next event or anything that requires insurance sold on a short-term basis, like rentals. By providing you the most cost-effective insurance on demand and liability insurance policy available.

The Process
You won’t find more comprehensive insurance on demand program at a lower rate anywhere. We have automated many of the processes to allow artists and exhibitors to purchase liability insurance with ease.
Our personal consultation will provide you analysis of your festival insurance will help you identify major risk exposures and allow us to put together.






insurance on demand gearpolicy-blue GearPolicy



insurance on demand yogapolicy-blue YogaPolicy


Your Priorities
We know that live events carry a myriad of highly specific risks that keep event organizers from a good nights sleep. From the non-appearance of an artist, to weather related cancellations, damage to equipment and potential injury to attendees, we understand these risks and have the festival insurance solutions to protect against them.

Insurance On Demand Solutions
Shephard Ashmore is keen to develop solutions for all types of policies, including music festival insurance, concert insurance, single event insurance, sports, theatre productions and more.

Shephard Ashmore is the country’s leading insurance broker for insurance on demand programs in Canada.
Our superior customer service and access to immediate binding of insurance policies, guarantee that you will receive the best possible coverage and pricing available anywhere.

Shephard Ashmore has proven risk mitigation strategies that set us apart from other insurance on demand programs. That’s why top grossing touring artists, major recording studios and biggest labels in the country have trusted us to place their insurance. Our hassle-free, low-cost insurance on demand programs provide the broadest coverage at the most competitive prices available. Available coverage options include:

Commercial General Liability
Gear & Equipment Floaters
Property at Named Locations
Cancellation and Non Appearance
Rented Equipment
Travel Medical
Leased Buses and Trucks
Carnet Bonds

Our insurance on demand programs have been designed to meet the needs of anyone that requires music insurance. From cultural events to music festivals, our insurance on demand programs can provide relevant coverage for your operations. Shephard Ashmore insurance on demand programs are here to help make it easy and affordable to insure your next event by providing you the most cost effective insurance on demand programs and liability insurance policies available.