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Are you a MusicBC member?

In collaboration with Economical Insurance, we offer discounted rates on our Artists Equipment and Liability Insurance Program to MusicBC members 

Why do this?

We think all B.C. music artists should be MusicBC members.  There are many benefits and features that can greatly enhance your music career, such as saving money on your band's insurance!

Many Artists are unaware that their gear requires special coverage when they earn profit from their music. Homeowners or tenants package will generally not cover you if there is a loss while you are playing away from your principal residence. In fact, most insurance companies don’t understand the risks involved and generally overcharge you to make up for their lack of understanding of this specialized area of insurance. It is important to secure insurance from a company that understands the music business and the unique risks you may encounter when you play, practice and travel.

Now, an affordable, comprehensive music insurance program is available to MusicBC Member Artists & Bands.